Hatfield Cemetery, Baileysville

Located on Rt. 97, below Baileysville (toward Lincoln), just past the entrance to Horse Creek Lake. On an open hillside in full view, a grassy road turns sharply left, then straight to the base of the cemetery. There is a silver steel pipe locked gate that you can easily go under. The walk is an easy one.

HATFIELD, Mary L.1932
Wife of Fred Hatfield
HATFIELD, Fred19261981
HATFIELD, Minnie19021982Wife of Carl W. Hatfield
HATFIELD, Carl W.18991971
HATFIELD, Carlos, Jr.19321933Son of M. & C. W. H.
HATFIELD, Paul19371995
HATFIELD, Virginia186226 Jan 1940
HATFIELD, Alex27 Oct 186130 Apr 1924
HATFIELD, George W.29 Jun 189517 Oct 1918Died at Camp Greenleaf, GA.
SHORT, Howard7 Apr 192426 Nov 1932
SHORT, Mabel L.18 Apr 194112 Oct 1968
SHORT, Clarence O.14 Jul 193222 Mar 1980
HATFIELD, Sheila Dianne20 Jun 196020 Jun 1960
HATFIELD, Charlotte M.17 Apr 1929
Wife of H. L. Hatfield
HATFIELD, Harold L.28 Mar 19283 Sep 1989
REPASS, William1933

REPASS, Emma Jean1936
Wife of William Repass
REPASS, Bobby1938

REPASS, Greg1968
Son of B. & S. Repass
REPASS, Sandra1943
Wife of Bobby Repass
HATFIELD, Billy Joe9 Nov 197823 Apr 1979
HATFIELD, Randy Karl19541986R.K. & C.S. killed in car wreck.
HATFIELD, Carol Sue19561986Wife of R. K. Hatfield
HATFIELD, Curtis23 Sep 19309 Nov 1989
HATFIELD, Athelene6 Jun 1934
Wife of Curtis Hatfield
HATFIELD, Margie L.10 Aug 191628 Jul 1988
HATFIELD, Elliott19021997
HATFIELD, Rondal26 Oct 192323 Nov 1995US Army WW II
HATFIELD, Rose M.04 Nov 192326 Feb 1995Wife of Rondal H.

Recorded by Peggy L. and Joe O. Blackburn. Sunday 6 December 1998