Deskins Cemetery, Baileysville

Located on Rt. 97 below Baileysville, along the R.D.Bailey Lake Wildlife Management Area, one mile from Horse Creek turn off (Delta Rt. 36). Turn right onto a dirt road which wraps to the left, stopping just past the third residence on the right. The road leads to the front edge of the privately owned cemetery, directly behind an old, well kept, white, two-story house trimmed in black which can easily be seen from the main road. The house is owned by one of the first Deskins in the area.

When area residents were questioned, they referred to the cemetery as the "Deskins Cemetery" even though there are no recorded "Deskins" buried here. A descendent who lives close by stated she didn't know the name but it is not named Deskins though it is owned by a Deskin descendant.

SHANNON, Infant4 Aug 19088 Aug 1908Infant of M & M R. C. Shannon
TRENT, Frederick 25 Sep 181331 Dec 1906
TRENT, Alafair22 Aug 1852

FLIPPEN, Lucinda6 Jul 187914 Jan 193757 yrs. 6 mo. 8 das.


  1. There are a minimum of 14 adult and 1 child grave site marked only by fieldstones with no data.
  2. An aunt, recently deceased, knew each person buried there and their life stories, being able to point them out, rolling their names off without pausing. Alas, she kept telling the family, but no one was interested at the time. There is no written record.
  3. Burials were discontinued because water flooded the graves as they dug them. There is a vein of coal running to the left , between the cemetery and the son's home. The area stays wet until late spring.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with Emily Dawn Miller. Friday, 18 December 1998